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Hey LaToria
“You know I had to try my outfit on again, when I got home...EVERYTHING!!!!  Dress, shoes, bodyshaper...Everything!!!
I'm so excited... I can't wait to wear my dress and shoes.... Thanx”
Leia Friend
LaToria has an artist sense of style that helps her clients not only wear clothes that fit well but also look great on them.  She has a natural talent for helping her clients pick styles that work well with their figures and colors that enhance their appearance.
LaToria likes a challenge and takes on styling that is outside the everyday looks available in stores and catalogues.  Her work is unique and built around her customers.  She takes the time to get to know what her customer’s like and ensures that they are happy with the outcome.  Her ability to measure her customer’s figure helps her quickly adjust patterns and styles to the customer, resulting with less fittings and changes.
Gail Borotto
LaToria made my bridesmaid dress for me.  Not only did it turn out beautifully, but it only took her 2 weeks to make! Her craftsmanship is impeccable, which I can now attest to both from first-hand experience as well as from seeing her portfolio. Her attention to detail was wonderful (she put snaps on my straps AND belt so that both were removable!). She was also extremely professional, keeping me updated on the status of my dress throughout the process with prompt emails/phone calls. And let's not forget her super reasonable pricing! With all of the other stresses associated with planning a wedding, I'm happy to report that getting the dress was not one of them! LaToria is a dream to work with, and she is now my go-to gal for all my dress-making needs!
Anglea Choi